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Ballerina Momo Kotake of B&M Dance Company in "Cinderella;" Two male dancers of the Cape Town City Ballet, doing jumps at sunset at Camps Bay Beach Ballerina Abigail Snyman of Cape Town City Ballet on Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa Pointe Shoes (promotional image for "Geometric Electric", a ballet choreographed by Laurel Benedict for B&M Dance Company) Ballet dancer Kiriko Misawa (audition photo) B&M Dance Company Soloist Philipp Knapp in "Lomir Tanzn", a modern ballet by Heinz Manniegel Ballerina Kiriko Shimizu in Heinz Manniegel's ballet "Lomir Tanzn" Ballerina in Arabesque (Classical Ballet Pose) Ada Ramzews in "Bolero" Nami Fujita in Styx Photo of Dancers Benjamin Birkner, Akemi Ueda, and Yuriko Sakai of B&M Dance Company in Ada Ramzews' modern choreography "WWerkstatt" Contemporary dancer Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen in Dali Touiti's "Center of Gravity" Kiriko Shimizu in Peter McCoy's modern choreography "Grace – In Memory of my Mother and Fukushima" Ballerina Natsu Sawada as Cinderella Male Ballet Dancer Jump Styx Ballerina jumping Ada Ramzews (B&M Dance Company) in Carmina Burana Ballerina Eriko Kogure in "The Little Match Girl" Dancers in a Performance Dance production, choreographed by Dali Touiti Group of Male Ballet Dancers in Heinz Manniegel's "Folias" Young Ballerina at a ballet rehearsal Nutcracker Grand Pas de Deux (Studio Rehearsal)