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Ludwig und Kunst is an open stage event, held monthly on the studio stage of the institute for theater studies of the University of Munich.

The focus is on creating a community experience for theater enthusiasts and to provide a platform for emerging artists and new experiments. All the socializing and the discussions that happen off stage are equally important as what happens in the limelight.

This open nature is reflected in the images as well, which have become an integral part of the culture and spirit of the event. Like the event itself, the photos make no conscious distinction between the performances, portraits of audience members, the organization team, and glimpses behind the scenes.

There is no admission fee, but in spite of the tremendous interest, the audience is strictly limited to 100 people.

Portrait of Raimung Brömse, the stage manager and lighting technician Musicians discussing last-minute details with the host during the interval Twenties revue show performer pretending to choke on candy Audience member Counter-Tenor singing in period clothing Audience member during the interval Team members checking the projection from a computer Performance artist Marie Golüke of "Marie und der Pelide" tied with tape on stage Performer taking a smoke break Woman walking towards the entrance of the theater Team members dressed up in pirate attire Attendant taking pictures Actress performing on stage Team member relaxing after the event Musician during sound check Team member posing while packing away the stage Performer dressed up as a captain Audience member during a spontaneous concert after the event Technician setting up the lights on a ladder Team member perparing to host the evening Team members setting up the stage Team member right before the show Audience member watching a performance Performers on stage Group photo of the Ludwig und Kunst organizing team